MHCA Annual Directory and Equipment Rental Guide cover.
The Manitoba Heavy Construction Association is a non-profit trade organization representing the heavy construction and related industries in Manitoba, Canada. Early spring the MHCA releases their Annual Directory and Equipment Rental Guide. This “go-to” guide provides members the opportunity to be listed in multiple categories, recognizing the full scope of the products and services they offer at a glance.
SMS was asked to produce the cover artwork for the 2014 Directory. The challenge was to create a glimpse of the future technology that is being introduced into the construction industry without focusing too heavily on one specific product or company.  It was decided to focus on the future apps that are sweeping through all aspects of heavy equipment and show it as simply as possible so the viewer can see the message quickly.
The app interface and phone are vector based graphics in Adobe Illustrator. A few icons representing SMS were embedded along with the latitude and longitude of the SMS office in Winnipeg. The rest of the interface was developed to show the high amount of data and control that the future holds for these apps but not illustrated too futuristic to keep it recognizable.
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